About Us

The Level Fret

Hi, my name is Barry and I’d like to welcome you to The Level Fret!  On this site we will be talking about a wide range of topics including music in general and guitars in particular, retirement, technology and science, and sometimes sports.  So, with that said, a little about myself.

I have recently retired from many years working for enterprise hardware and software companies both as a keyboard jockey and a Sales Engineer.  The retirement itself is an interesting story which I plan to talk about in an upcoming post.

I have been playing guitar of one kind or another since the age of 13 so there will be a lot to talk about from the music itself to the gear involved and my personal experience relating to both.

I am keenly interested in science in general and when I come across something interesting I’ll share it.

I have always been a voracious reader so I’ll let you know when I come across something i think you might want to check out.

Politics? Uh, no.  Not to say that I am not an insatiable follower of what’s happening on that front and have pretty strong opinions but I have resolved not to go there for reasons not the least of which are the current climate which discourages any kind of rational debate and attracts trolls like rats to a subway tunnel.

So that’s it.  If you find this site interesting, welcome aboard and tell your friends about it.