Guitar Pedals

I haven’t posted for awhile so I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to.  I decided to revisit the idea of refreshing my guitar equipment – that is amplifiers, effects pedals etc.  It was triggered by a recent visit to my son and experiencing his very well thought out and generally awesome pedal board.  I had a blast playing through it and so I decided it was time to update.

I have a couple of DigiTech pedals that I really wasn’t into anymore so I had my first go at posting them on the musical instrument website (kind of like an eBay with a better reputation.)  It’s pretty cool as the site has tools to research the going rate for what you are selling complete with a list of recent transactions and an accompanying line graph. I posted three pedals (DigiVerb, DigiDelay and ChorusFactory) and sold the DigiVerb within 24 hours for my asking price!  I used PayPal as the vehicle and the transaction worked flawlessly.  Reverb also helps with shipping recommendations and even prints out a USPS shipping label for you.  I also posted a Peterson StroboFlip strobe tuner.

I also have two amplifiers I want to sell (a 1977 Fender Princeton and a 1994 Fender Pro Junior) which I put on Craig’s List to avoid shipping hassles.  Not much luck except for a couple of lowball offers; I used Reverb to come up with a realistic asking price.  I have a big amp so I’m looking for something like this.

My goal is to get a decent pedalboard tuner, clean boost, delay, tremolo and reverb and possibly a chorus.  I have a great overdrive – a Lovepedal Eternity and an original Dunlop Cry Baby Wah.  I also have a DigiTech Clapton Crossroads modeling pedal which has one of the best rotary speaker emulations I’ve heard.  I found out something interesting: several  well known rock guitarists including Page, Johnson and Van Halen use an old EchoPlex EP-3 tape delay unit for the great sound the preamp provides even with the effect off.  Several companies have made boost pedals emulating that circuit including the Xotic EP Booster.

I’ll keep you posted with how I do and what new stuff I end up with.