Guitars, Medical Insurance and Other Musings

Wow,  I didn’t realize it’s been 6 months since my last post.  I can’t say it’s because I was busy – retirement and all that.  Wait,  no actually there is a reason for at least part of the delay:  Medicare and health insurance.

I’ve spent a sizable portion of my time navigating the byzantine corridors of Medicare and Medicare Supplementary insurance.  While I was able to resolve most of the issues my wife and I had including the necessity of filing and even filing and eventually winning a Medicare appeal having to do with date of eligibility, I can’t help thinking of the large number of people who don’t have a clue or the persistence to deal with some of the more arcane regulations to at least understand them well enough to be able to explain their situation and be able to plead their case.

You really don’t know the complexities of our I think punitive health care system unless you have to deal with it.  And let me state right here that the people who work for customer service at Social Security, Medicare and in my case United Health Care are absolutely wonderful – knowledgeable and helpful to the max.  It’s the complexities of the system based on a series of legislative compromises, that we have in place an obscene nightmare of a healthcare system for most people, especially the ones who lack the financial cushion they are definitely going to need.

Which is why it is absolutely disgusting and criminal that in the United States, unlike practically every other industrialized country in the world, we don’t have universal healthcare or at least, like for example Israel, a hybrid public/private system.

On an entirely different note,  I just had some setup work done on my Fender Masterbuilt Clapton Strat by my local guitar tech at Coyle’s Richboro Music and it is simply fantastic!  If ever you need any work done on your guitar or bass, please see Kevin.  You will be glad you did!

And let me know what you think of my healthcare rant and if you see Kevin for any TLC for your guitars.


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  1. Interesting.. although I wouldn’t site “Israel” as a basis for a model — compulsory military service, something that may come into play when thinking about social benefits is just one reason. Another may be its homogeneity of people for good or, as I think, exclusory reasons. Maybe citing Canada or any number of Scandinavian or Nordic Countries may more support your stance, although you run into the same homogeneity there as well…

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